2014 St Louis European Auto Show – Plaza Frontenac

The European Auto Show is annual event held at Plaza Frontenac. It brings car clubs and owners from all across the region to show off their cars, classics or moderns. Spectators can browse through all the cars at the show with judges and volunteers pick the best car of the show. This event every year benefits and raises money the children of Shriner’s Children Hospital of St. Louis.

The day for the 2014 edition of the show was held on June 1st. Here are some pictures from event. Cars are categorized by brand or country of origin.

The British cars:

IMG_7061 IMG_7051
IMG_6982 IMG_6885
IMG_6933 IMG_6931
IMG_6940 IMG_6939
IMG_6922 IMG_6923
The Germans:

IMG_6906 IMG_6899
IMG_6900 IMG_7066
IMG_6977 IMG_6907
IMG_6919 IMG_7004
IMG_6953 IMG_6988
The Italians:

IMG_7072 IMG_7019
IMG_7038 IMG_7039
IMG_7040 IMG_6893
IMG_7018 IMG_6957
The French and the Swedes:

IMG_6909 IMG_6952
Meanwhile in the mall parking there was a mini show where people who did not participate also displayed their rides. Several rights include the VW Thing, Acura NSX, Corvettes, Ferraris, Porsche, etc.

IMG_7080 IMG_6892

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