2015 Honda Fit review – The versatile sporty subcompact gets better

The new 3rd generation Honda Fit made a splash around the world starting in Japan in 2013, the U.S. received theirs in June. Taiwan received the 3rd generation Honda Fit on October 4, 2014. The popular subcompact gets completely redesigned inside and out.



Style & Specs:

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The new Fit incorporates Honda’s new corporate style front end. The rear taillights added reflectors that are now mimicking the CR-V. The exterior style is made to be more aggressive, it may have lost its cuteness, but underneath it is the same sporty animal. As with the previous generation Fits, this 3rd generation model is very spacious for the driver and the passengers. The new Fit retains the split 60/40 “magic seats” that allow the seats to fold flat into the floor, which gives it huge 52.7 cubic feet of cargo space! Tilt the rear seat cushion up to allow taller items to fit into the rear, such as a plant or tall vase. Storage bins are everywhere in this car, so hiding anything you want to hide is easy! Features include the auto on/off headlights, LED running lights up front, LED taillights, and one-touch blinkers, in addition to the Bluetooth and USB connectivity. The climate control on Taiwan models are now automatic touch screen. Honda made the Fit seem more higher end with this new generation, with audio and GPS integrated touchscreen infotainment system. The build quality is excellent, the dashboard includes soft touch materials and stitching, giving the car a higher ending feel.

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The 1.5L SOHC engine is now replaced with an all-new 1.5L DOHC i-VTEC motor which adds direct injection. The horsepower has also been increased to 130hp at 6,600 rpm and 114 lbf ft @ 4600, compared to the previous Fit’s 117 hp at 6,600 rpm and 106 lbf ft at 4,800 rpm engine. The 5 speed automatic has been replaced by a more efficient CVT transmission. The paddle shifters are still here. The starting price of the new Fit is $20,500 USD (NT$619,000), which makes it more slightly expensive than the Toyota Yaris NT$555,000 ($18,500 USD) and the Mitsubishi Colt Plus NT$581,000 ($19,350 USD). The Fit maybe pricier than its rivals, but it includes more standard features, such as 6 airbags versus 2 airbags on the Yaris and the Colt Plus. Also, comes standard is VSC, where as the two rivals this is optional on high trim levels. Safety is one of the pluses about driving a Honda.

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On the Road:

How does the new Fit drive? The Fit still uses a standard key rather than keyless smart key as in some rivals. This in my opinion is better because it may equal less problems down the road. Driving wise the Fit accelerates quick, albeit this new generation is noticeably more noisier than the previous two generation Fits. This is due mainly to the new CVT transmissions. When hitting the accelerator the transmission works hard with the engine, but even with the noise the car still can get up to speed fairly quick. Who doesn’t want to hear engine sounds of a Honda revving? On the highway the new Fit has less noticeable wind noise and road noise.  Highway speeds the car is very stable, passing big rigs is no problem at all. When it comes to maneuverability around tight spaces in the city, the Fit succeeds in this. The turning radius is tight and handling is much improved albeit with a little body roll.


4 out of 5

Almost perfect, this new Fit continues the tradition it had accomplished in years past. As a subcompact for the city it does everything right, frugal on gas and very spacious for cargo and the passengers. Yet it still manages to retain that sporty look and feel.

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