Mitsubishi Colt Plus review – The camel receives a dynamic oriented facelift

The freshened up Mitsubishi Colt Plus was unveiled on June 22, 2017. New for the 2018 model year is the revised exterior along with new tech and safety features. The Colt Plus now has Mitsubishi’s dynamic shield styling front end, while the rear tail lights get the Mitsubishi Outlander SUV style light bar and LED tail lights treatment. The Colt Plus remains a Taiwan only model, this ain’t a Mitsubishi anyone would see anywhere else. The closest Mitsubishi model to the Colt Plus sold globally maybe would be the Mirage, but even that is smaller.

Nothing changed in the performance department. The car is powered by the same 1.5L MIVEC engine and mated to the same CVT with a sports mode 7 speed. The huge interior remains the same, except for a new smart dashboard instrument cluster. This new smart dash, now has 3 different speedometer and tachometer settings. You can personalize the the colors and view tire pressure, oil life, fuel range, etc. with a flick of a button on the steering wheel.  Another improvement is reduced noise coming into the interior with improved NVH. The feeling of the drive and the handling are similar to that the predecessor.

The Colt Plus is now packed with new safety features to keep the driver and passengers safe on the road. The new safety features such as BSW (blind spot warning), TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) are now standard, even on the base model. Other safety features that are standard on the top of of the line Colt Plus models are electronic braking and lane departure warning system.

The price starts at $NTD569,000 ($18,850USD), the price for the 2018 Colt Plus is slightly higher, but now the Colt Plus has several safety features standard. Mitsubishi wants consumers to see that safety should not be an option and adds to the value of the price. There are three price levels, including the price for the base model mention earlier, to the mid range model $NTD599,000 ($19,800USD), and the top of the line $NTD629,000 ($20,750USD). Consumers have five color choices to choose from – black, white, silver, gray, blue, red.

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