A look at Lubbock Citibus in Lubbock, Texas

Lubbock Citibus provides transit for the citizens of Lubbock and the students and facility at Texas Tech University. Located near the pan-handle of Texas, it is the 11th largest city in state with a population over 250,000. Citibus operates a variety of buses in its fleet. The system operates a Monday-Saturday schedule starting at 5:30am and ending before 8pm. There are currently nine city routes and eight Texas Tech campus routes. After fixed route campus service ends in the evening at Texas Tech, NiteRide service begins with using a cutaway bus to provide curb-to-curb service.

Citibus’ city routes use both Gillig LFs and BRT model buses, while the campus routes use a variety of Gilligs, Nova RTS (35ft and 40ft RTS-06 WFD (wide front door), and ex-Cleveland RTA 1999-2001 Nova LFS. In 2015 Citibus purchased six 40 ft Nova RTS from Dallas DART to be used on the campus routes. Three city fixed routes do have stops near or at the Texas Tech campus, the Route 5 – Boston/S. Quaker/South Plains Mall and Route 19 – Wayland Plaza/South Plains Mall, while Route 12 – Arnett Benson/4th St. crosses through the northern end of the campus near the University Medical Center and Museum of Texas Tech University (free admission and a great way to spend an hour or two).

The ex-DART buses are year 2000 vintage with a Cummins ISM engine and ZF 5HP590C transmission. These ex-Dallas buses were refurnished and repainted by Citibus and looks uniquely different than when those buses were in service at Dallas. Meanwhile, the ex-Cleveland RTA Nova LFS purchased in 2012 are still chugging along as are 2000 Nova RTS, which were purchased new by Citibus.

Citibus purchased several diesel-hybrids, but subsequently went back to purchasing diesel buses.

Here is a gallery of pictures I took during my excursion last Spring.

The 1999-2001 Nova LFS as seen on one of the Texas Tech campus routes.

An ex-Cleveland RTA Nova prior to being refurbished and repainted into Citibus’ design scheme.

Gillig BRT, are used mainly on the city fixed routes, but are also seen at Texas Tech.

This Gillig BRT Trolley Replica during the Summers is usually seen in downtown Lubbock, but during the off-peak seasons its shuttling students around campus.

30ft Gillig BRT hybrid and 40ft Gillig LFs and BRTS make up the mainstay of the off-campus fleet.

Citibus still has around two dozen 35ft Nova RTS-08 WFD (2000-01), plus the ex-DART 40ft Nova RTS (2000) assigned to campus routes.

Here are some photos of what the DART buses looked prior to being sent to Lubbock.

The ex-DART Dallas buses after being refurbished and repainted in Lubbock.



3 thoughts on “A look at Lubbock Citibus in Lubbock, Texas

  1. For those Nova RTS WFD, do you happen to know how long they will remain in service? Were all the photos taken shortly before the article was published or are they older?

  2. These pictures were taken mid-April 2018 when I visited Lubbock. These RTS-06 WFDs are year 2000 models, yet were acquired from DART in 2014-15. Citibus refurbished and repainted the buses before placing them into service. My guess the RTS WFDs will be around for another 5 years or so (year 2023-24?).

  3. I would like to ride those RTS buses on day

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