Ahead of the Detroit debut Honda previews the 2019 Insight

Honda has released some images previewing the all-new 2019 Insight. This 3rd generation is reviving the nameplate that has now evolved into a spacious five passenger sedan. The size of the new Insight is close to the 10th generation Honda Civic and is slotted below the Honda Clarity. The styling takes cues from Honda’s latest design language with a front end similar to the 10th generation Accord and a side profile similar to both the Accords and Civics.

The 1st generation Insight was a CR-X like two seater hatchback with a shape built for hypermiling. Then the 2nd generation Insight became a 5-door hatchback and took aim at the Prius, but its hybrid powertrain and overall performance lacked. Neither Insights were big sellers and were never able to match the sales of the Toyota Prius hybrid.

Honda’s revival of the Insight nameplate is touted as a hybrid “without any inherent compromise.” Honda has made an effort to make the 3rd generation Insight better in every way. It will be powered by Honda’s latest two-motor hybrid powertrain. Its aim is to provide a more smoother transition between the electric motor and the internal combustion engine.

The Insight takes over where the last generation Civic hybrid left off.

American Honda sales manager Henio Arcangeli, Jr. says “You won’t have to be an electrification advocate to appreciate the new Insight – it’s a great car in its own right, independent of what’s happening under the hood.”

Look for the third gen Insight’s debut in Detroit in January, with production joining the Civic and CR-V at Honda’s Greensburg, Indiana factory in mid-2018.

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