Apple’s fleet of autonomous vehicles gets bigger

Apple’s self-driving vehicle fleet has grown from just three cars last year to 27 vehicles registered according to records from the California DMV. Apple’s fleet consists of only the Lexus RX450h. This vehicle is a commonly used by autonomous car tech firms because of the ease of installing aftermarket sensors that complement the existing sensors already built in with the car. According to Bloomberg, Apple has been adding new RX450h(s) to its growing fleet since last July.

Apple’s main focus is AV development through software and machine learning. Some observers have noted that the bulk on top of the test cars are not just the sensors, but also embedded computer hardware as well. Apple is not looking to take on Waymo with this development as their just testing their self-driving cars in and around their Cupertino headquarters, for now.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has indicated from previous statements that this is mainly focused on system software rather than just building an autonomous car. Ultimately this technology maybe included as an aftermarket mod for cars, but it maybe several years away before it comes to fruition.

Image credit: Mac Rumors

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