Atlanta sees Waymo’s self-driving cars come to town

Waymo has been testing its autonomous fleet of vehicles in Detroit, Phoenix, and San Francisco for several months now. So far the Waymo fleet of driver-less cars has collectively accumulated over a million miles in self-driving testing. Today, Waymo announced that its bring its self-driving fleet of Chrysler Pacifica minivans to Metro Atlanta to test its tech. Its fitting for Waymo to come to Atlanta as it the company stated on Twitter “Atlanta is a major hub for technology and innovation, and a natural fit for Waymo’s testing program.” Here the driver-less minivans will meet some of the most traffic congested cities in the country. This will ultimately test how autonomous cars can handle a congested driving environment.

Waymo is looking to expand its engineering and testing to other cities after testing its fleet for several months on roads in and around the Phoenix suburb of Chandler, Arizona. Waymo has also recently sent a small pool of its autonomous vehicles to Detroit for engineering and testing in snow and ice environments.

Waymo has ambitions to be the forefront of self-driving technology with hopes of bring its driver-less cars to the mass market.

Image credits: Waymo
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