Autonomous Ford Mustang acts drunk at the track

At the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Siemens unveiled its 1st generation Ford Mustang equipped with autonomous driving technology. During the show the engineers from both Siemens and Cranfield University wanted to showcase what their self-driving technology can do, however, on the day of the run it didn’t go as planned. A video segment posted by Motor1 shows the classic stang setting off nicely without any problems. However, a few feet from the start line the car starts turning towards the hay bales and nearly hits it. Then the autonomous vehicle struggles on by taking a hill slowly and swerving, and taking corners by steering the wrong way as if it were a drunk or drug-addled human was at the wheel.

During the whole ordeal, a person was behind the wheel constantly correcting the Mustang and getting it straight back on the road. The self-driving car seemed to think the hay bales weren’t an obstacle. The speeds were low enough that it didn’t pose any threat to the spectators. However, this just shows that we’re just not quite there when it comes to self-driving technology. Yet, these tech companies continue to push development of autonomous vehicles at a rapid pace.

Video of the track run at Goodwood:

Youtube credit: Motor1

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