Barbados Transport

When you think of Barbados you think of white sandy beaches. However, this small island nation in the south Caribbean does have a transit system. Run by the government, Barbados Transport as it is called, is designed mainly for locals to get work or places they need to go. The two primary villages served are Speightstown and Bridgetown, both locations have transit hubs. However, buses service the whole island, but with less frequency. Tourists seldom take a chance to ride the local buses to a resort or into town, which is a pity sometimes. However, tourists who do ride the buses find it to be a unique cultural experience because of the friendly locals who ride it and the aggressive drivers that drive them. Almost all of the buses do not have A/C, which either adds to the cultural experience or adds to discomfort.
DSC07762The buses in Barbados come in many different shapes and sizes. When I was there last Winter I saw several different models. The newest fleet of buses running for Barbados Transport are the Busscars and the Marcopolos/Mercedes. There is also a small number of older Hino buses. The Hino buses seemed to have been demoted to school runs, backups, or short runs between towns on the eastern end of the island. During school days city buses become school buses and help shuttle students home from class.

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