British firm creates a Tesla Model S shooting brake

Just the other day we saw conceptual sketch designs from a Dutch designer of a Tesla Model S shooting brake that is going to be produced. Unveiled today, is another Tesla Model S shooting brake/sports wagon conversion that is actually almost competed. This time the conversion project comes from a British car customizer, Qwest Norfolk.  They tout it as “the world’s only and fastest electrically powered sports wagon.”

The Qwest team initially came up with the idea while at a local pub, which is as British as can be. When a “successful” business man complained to his engineer that the Model S fastback design didn’t have enough room for his dogs, thats when the ideas popped up. “The wish was that the Tesla had an Estate, a proper large estate, a shooting brake, that long lost vehicle format reserved for the annals of history, reminiscing over Volvos and Peugeots of the past long before SUVs and MPVs ruled the planet,” Qwest stated.

Qwest took a Model S and cut out the rear sections of the car. They then bonded a specifically built carbon fiber rear body and roof shells to the aluminum body Model S. Also, specially built rear three-quarter glass and rear roof glass were installed. All this customization shouldn’t add too much additional material weight to the car. However, in the end this conversion may effect the drag and reduce the range distance a bit, but certainly the added cargo room is a plus. Tesla was fully aware of this conversion and they were content as long as it didn’t mess with any of the  electronics.

It may not be as sleek as the sketch designs of the Model S shooting brake being build by RemetzCar in the Netherlands, but its still a very nice looking wagon or estate. This is something many Model S owners (particularly in Europe) have been clamoring for, a wagon with extra cargo room.

Image credit: Qwest Norfolk