Cadillac Truth + Dare Event Chicago

The Cadillac Truth + Dare Chicago event was held at the Arlington Park in Arlington Heights, IL. I attended the 2PM session Sunday May 19th, but I got there 3 extra hours early because I took the Metra from downtown Chicago. Given the limited Sunday service with Metra it worked out well. I arrived at the tent after walking 15 minutes from the Metra station, then it started down-pouring rain! I hoping this event doesn’t get rained out because certain events wouldn’t be held due to conditions, such as the acceleration test and hot laps. I registered with my QR code from my confirmation email, it quick and easy, aside from the staff verifying the drivers license and signing the waiver.

After, completing registration I headed over to the food and beverage area, which was stocked of brownies, chips/popcorn, fruits, sodas, water, etc. I picked out a banana and had some Chobani yogurt along with a Bubly pop and ILLY Coffee as I watched the rain come to an end. Inside the tent Cadillac also had an ILLY Coffee bar setup for those who wanted freshly made coffee, but they also offered cans of ILLY cappuccinos, coffees, and lattes as well. The lounge setup was nice and spacious with plenty of seating with a gift shop, VR experience with a CTS-V, and an all-new Cadillac XT6 on display.

After snacking and checking out the XT6 inside the tent, I decided to walk outside and test drive the CT6 with the Super Cruise. Here, you sign up for the car you want to drive, but you’ll have a staff member sitting beside you during the test drive. When my time to drive the CT6 I was introduced to Kelly, who rode along with me and showed me how to Super Cruise technology worked. She was great at explaining the technology and showing me the functions as we drove on IL-53. The Super Cruise is basically an advanced cruise control, but allows you to drive hands free with the car controlling speed, keeping within the lanes, and distance between you and other cars on the road. Super Cruise is a cool feature, but this is nothing more of a drivers aide and has many limits, such as most roads you’ll be unable to use it on. Cadillac has mapped many roads into Super Cruise, but its mainly interstates and 4 lane highways across the country.

Upon the 2PM session beginning, everyone is split into groups. The three events are an autocross and acceleration test in either a ATS-V or a CTS-V, XT4 showcase drive with testing of self-braking and handling,and the weekend getaway experience is basically driving either the Escalade or XT5 in a slalom and testing some capabilities of each vehicle. These two events were alright, as I am not a fan of crossovers. The XT4 didn’t really excite me because its just another poser vehicle in the ever growing segment. The autocross events in the V-performance vehicles were of course the most exhilarating event, however, your only allow to do the autocross, acceleration test, and hot lap event once. The hot lap is a timed event around the autocross course, which many enjoyed, but given the wet course conditions it made it hard for many to achieve the laps times many wanted. I managed to get 35.168 secs around the course in a CTS-V. 35 secs was around the average for the whole day with the best lap being in the 28 secs time. I wanted to the hot lap again, however, its only one time per person, so I asked some staff if I could do it again. Ismael to me I he can try to accommodate me into the 4PM session, as long as space is open. Sure enough some people didn’t show up to the scheduled time, this allowed me to do the hot lap one more time, but this time in an ATS-V, I managed to get a better lap time around the autocross this round, with a 32.135 secs. Be sure to know the autocross course layout and pick your V-performance vehicle wisely!

At the end of the day I needed to walk back to the Metra station to catch the train back to downtown, Kelly wanted take me to the Metra without me needing to walk back there. Why not choose to test drive another vehicle? So I decided to pick another vehicle to test drive, this time the Cadillac Escalade. She let me drive the car half way, then I switched spaces, and sat in the backseat to experience what it was like being chauffeured. After dropping me off at Metra, we waved good bye to a fun event.

The parting gift was a white cap with Cadillac logo on the back and Truth + Dare on the front. Overall, the event was a great way to have fun and learn about the the capabilities of the new Cadillacs for a couple of hours. Even though you’ll only get to do each of the events once, but if your nice enough to befriend one of the event staff as I did, you maybe able to get to do the hot lap just once more. Credits given to Kelly and Ismael, both of them made this event unforgettable!

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