Coming soon another Tesla Model S shooting brake

Italian outfit Ares Design is looking to join the ranks of specialists that convert Tesla Model S’ into a shooting brakes. This isn’t first shooting brake or wagon Model S we have seen, but this maybe the first one to see focus go to the interior rather than the exterior. Ares Design is planning on giving the Model S interior a luxurious makeover. Ares’ CEO Dany Bahar owns a Tesla Model S, he drives it everyday and thought, “while he could appreciate its performance and technology, felt that it was somewhat limited by its hatchback design and what he felt was a lack of quality in the car’s execution.” He also thought the quality of the interior of the Model S is a let down and nothing compared to that of a BMW or a Mercedes. Therefore, this Tesla shooting brake concept has been an inspiration for Bahar.
Ares Design is currently in the process of stripping down a 2017 Model S, which will be rebuilt with lighter materials i.e. aluminum and carbon fiber. The interior will receive a more luxurious touch with Nappa leather and improved dashboard materials. There are no plans to change the electric power-train with performance upgrades, although Ares Design will design 21 inch wheels to fit with their Model S shooting brake.

Ares hopes to have their shooting brake on sale this Summer with prices ranging from $200,000 to 250,000 Euros ($250,000-312,000 USD).

Image credits: Ares

Here are the other two shooting brake and wagon conversions we have seen for the Tesla Model S:

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