Como Connect settling lawsuit and the city will rename the system

As if things couldn’t get anymore worse for Columbia Transit a.k.a. Como Connect. Another change is in store, but this time its the name that is being changed, AGAIN! A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against the city of Columbia over a trademark dispute. An electric company based in Tipton, MO called Co-Mo Connect, has been using this name for its company since February 2011. Meanwhile, Columbia Transit was rebranded Como Connect back in August 2014.

After an agreement was made on August 5, 2017, Columbia Transit will stop using the Como Connect branding and now will be rebranded as Go Como. The City of Columbia does not have to pay the electric company anything, however, the city will now have to pay for the rebranding costs i.e. replacing signage and printed materials to reflect the new brand.

Columbia Transit or should I say now Go Como has had its share of trouble. I reviewed how bad the changes were HERE and two months ago I reported that big changes are coming to its route structure. Several town hall meetings/public hearings were held throughout the Summer to discuss elimination of three bus routes — Pink, Dark Green and Light Green due to low ridership. I still think Columbia needs to go back to the drawing board to make their transit system better instead of going backwards and making it worse!

Bring back the Wabash transit center and its relevance!

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