Crowd-funded EV startup Sono looks to begin production of its Sion

The all-electric Sono Sion has been in development since 2016, now the Munich based crowd-funded startup car maker is eyeing for production to commence soon. The Sion has 330 solar cells placed all over the bodywork of car, from the doors, hood, roof, to the rear quarter panels, and tailgate. Scratch proof poly-carbonate layers cover the cells and exterior bodywork of the EV. The solar charging will help with the driving range of the car as the 80kW/250Nm electric motor sends power to the rear wheels.

In the interior, the Sono will seat five people comfortably. While a touchscreen infotainment system and digital instrumentation display allows drivers to feel actively engaged with the drive. Sion also is looking to create a more natural way to filter the air and regulate humidity inside the interior by placing a strip of moss across the dashboard. Sono says the moss will not need water or special care to maintain.

Specs for the Sion Sono EV are the following: 161.8 inches (4110mm) length, 70.4 inches (1790mm) width, 66.1 inches (1680mm) height, and a 101 inches (2565mm) wheelbase. Sion estimates a range of 160 miles (250km) per charge. The fully-electric vehicle can be charged via the solar panels or from conventional power outlets.

Performance is hit or miss with a top speed of 85mph (140km/h), which is enough to keep up on the autobahns of Germany, though for how long before all the juice is gone! 0-60mph takes roughly 9 seconds.

Sion is looking to start production and begin deliveries of its car in the second half 2019. The starting price in Germany will be €16,000 ($18,500 USD), which excludes the battery pack. For €4000 ($4,500 USD) the battery can be bought outright or it rented for a yet undisclosed monthly fee.

There is no word on whether the Sion Sono will come to North America, but as of now it may just only be sold in Europe.

Image Credits: Sion

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