Retro buses: Champaign Urbana MTD’s historical buses

Retro buses – this is a topic I will cover on the blog every now and then. I will take a look at historical buses from around the country and cover them here. Seeing history being preserved is great whether at a museum or in someone’s backyard. Preserving buses and trains of the past shows the younger and current generation how and what forms of public transportation looked like in the past, but it also makes people appreciate the past and the future of public transportation.
Over the years Champaign Urbana MTD ran many types of buses. Currently, MTD runs mostly a New Flyer fleet (LFs, LFRs, Xcelsiors all being represented), along with a small number of Eldorado EZ Riders and Gillig BRTs. MTD has grown to become one of the best transit operations in the country by providing extensive service all over Champaign-Urbana and the University of Illinois. They certainly have not forgot about their past and what to preserve a few important buses that helped them grow. For historical preservation purposes, MTD preserved the following buses:
2880 – 1947 TGH-3102 (GM Old Look). Fun fact: 2808 is ex-Quincy City Lines 3867. IMG_6359 4515 – 1971 T6H-4521A (GM Fishbowl)

3703 – 1984 35096-6T (Flxible Metro ‘A’)
The Fishbowl and the Flxible are awaiting restoration. It will be nice to see those two used in community parades and events one day.

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