Delphi’s changes name to focus on autonomous technology and to cut costs

Delphi Automotive announced they’ll be changing its name to Aptiv to focus on autonomous technology. Its aim is to help automakers rethink ways vehicles are engineered and built, while profiting on the data gathered by self-driving autonomous vehicles. According to Aptiv’s CEO Kevin Clark, Aptiv’s goal is to cut the cost of self-driving technology down more than 90% to around $5,000 per car by 2025.

Clark sees the cost coming down as the technology becomes more common and the cost of development decreases over time. Another application of this technology is working with automakers and using existing vehicle platforms and re-engineering those to add in electric motors, batteries, and self-driving sensors. The goal is to redesign future vehicles to have fewer components, but more software that better communicates with itself as well as more advanced safety systems. Car infotainment systems and the overall complexity of self-driving with all its sensors will need many vehicles to be re-engineered.

The old Delphi is not going away with this new name, it will be spun off as Delphi Technologies and will continue its focus on traditional engine components. Aptiv will focus on self-driving technology. Meanwhile, Aptiv is buying a self-driving startup noTonomy for $450 million. With this acquisition, they want to build a strategic position when it comes to automonous technology. Clark does not see much volume before 2025 in personal vehicles, but fleet operators may currently have more acceptance with self-driving technology given the costs. They maybe better to accept the initial high costs.

Image credit: Chris @ APTA 2017 Atlanta

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