Electrify America’s campaign looks to bring awareness of EVs

Volkswagen’s Electrify America subsidiary has introduced a new campaign to bring awareness of electric vehicles and to show how far the industry has progressed. Electrify America’s ad campaign is part of a $45 million public education initiative. Richard Steinberg, Electrify America’s senior director of green cities, marketing and communications, told Reuters, “We’re trying to say with this campaign that electric vehicles are fun to drive, the range is great and charging is more widely available than people know.”

Electrify America’s commercial features theme songs from two familiar cartoons from back in the day. The purpose is to showcase an all-electric vehicle versus a traditional gasoline vehicle. In the commercial, you see two orange cars, one an early 2000s Subaru Outback (internal combustion engine) and an all-electric Chevy Bolt stopped at a red light. However, as you listen closely you’ll listen to the Flintstones theme song as the Subie is driving along with its “Planet Hugging” bumper sticker, then as the Bolt appears the Jetson’s theme song plays. As the light turns green, the Chevy Bolt accelerates away while leaving the gasoline car behind, the announcer then says “With instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. Electric cars are here” and “Say good bye to the Stone Age.”

Even though Electrify America is a VW subsidiary, they still included other automaker’s EVs. Along with the orange Chevy Bolt, the ad also includes other electric vehicles, the BMW i3, Honda Clarity, Hyundai Ioniq, Nissan Leaf, and Volkswagen e-Golf. After the dieselgate scandal settlement VW has agreed to invest $2 billion towards electric vehicle development and infrastructure. This EV ad campaign is part of the educational aspect of the settlement.

EVs are here now and not something thats way off in the distant future. Electrify America is already looking to bring a charging network to a Wal-Mart near you. Now or sooner maybe the right time to buy an electric vehicle. Electrify America is looking to releasing more ads on the advantages of the electric vehicles in the coming months.

Image Credit: Electrify America

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