Fatal Tesla Model X crash involved Autopilot

Last week a Tesla Model X was involved in a fatal crash that prompted the National Transportation Safety Board to launch a field investigation. According to the California Highway Patrol, the crash happened when the driver struck a highway barrier separating the SR-85 southbound connector and US-101 southbound lanes near Mountain View. Tesla provided a follow up to this fatal crash involving the Model X. We now know that the driver of the Model X had Autopilot engaged. The driver had ignored several warnings to take back control of the vehicle prior to crashing into the highway barrier.

Tesla touts their driving assist system as a way to reduce accidents. In the company’s blog post Tesla claims crash rates are reduced by 40 percent with Autopilot. However drivers should still be aware of their surroundings and not rely on technology to drive them.

This incident points out that autonomous technology is far from perfect and should face more scrutiny from authorities and government regulators. Just a week ago in Arizona a self-driving Uber Volvo XC90 struck and killed a woman walking her bicycle across the street.

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