2019 Fisker EMotion plus new flexible solid-state battery revealed at CES

Fisker has revealed its new EMotion sedan at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Hedrick Fisker’s new company is looking to reinvigorate the stigmata of the electric car, but also the battery and charging technology currently being used. Fisker’s patented solid-state battery technology using cells from LG Chem is looking to be a game changer when it is applied into automobiles sometime after 2020. The company claims that its solid-state batteries has “three-dimensional electrodes.” and these solid-state batteries with have more than double the energy of lithium-ion batteries.

Next generation charging will be lightning-fast with recharging time as low as a minute when equipped with the new battery technology. Henrik Fisker said “We’re incredibly excited to showcase working solid-state batteries and the vehicle, in-person, on such a massive global stage. Fisker Inc. is about breaking barriers, leading in automotive technologies and ultimately creating the most desirable, functional futuristic electric vehicles.”

The Fisker EMotion all-electric sedan with be all-wheel drive, powered by an electric motor generating up to 575kW of power. The EMotion will have a range of up to 400 miles (650km) using the current battery technology. When then company integrates its patented flexible solid-state battery technology expect range to increase to 500 miles (800km). The top speed is an estimated 161mph with 0-60mph in just under three seconds.


The exterior styling is curvy and sleek, it will definitely make some Tesla Model S owners envy. The Fisker EMotion sedan is 197 inches long, with a height of 52 inches. Styling-aside its the butterfly doors that standout, as all four doors feature it. The butterfly doors feature flush handles that open with proximity touch or with the help of a smartphone. The electric sedan rides on 24 inch Pirelli low-rolling resistance tires.

The interior is spacious, Fisker says the placement of the electric powertrain allows for a more spacious interior when compared to comparable vehicles of similar size. The comfortable soft-touch leather seating gives it an upscale feel. The EMotion electric sedan will also be a vegan option for the interior as well. The dashboard infotainment system features three driver oriented screens. There is an optional 27 inch rear seat mounted curved screen for backseat passengers. The EMotion is available as both a four-seater or a five-seater (rear bench option) with power seat adjustments for each passenger. The glass panoramic roof features four zones of tint that are power adjustable to let in the passengers desired amount of light.


The Fisker is equipped with five LIDAR sensors with the EMotion being capable of up to level four autonomous driving.

Production will be in the US, but the location for the manufacturing facility hasn’t been announced yet. Fisker will make a decision for the factory location sometime in the 2nd quarter of 2018. Fisker expects to have the EMotion EV sedan available for sale at the end of 2019 with a starting price of $129,000 USD.

Fisker is currently taking reservations for $2,000 on its website.