Ford electrifying its line up by 2022

Following the foot steps of other automakers such as Toyota and Volvo, Ford is committed to developing electric vehicles across its wide range of cars, trucks, and SUVs. For has tripled its $11 billion budget for  a project to develop 40 all-electric models by 2022. Ford’s Executive chairman Bill Ford says this investment will help the company gradually move away from internal combustion to more sustainable energy sources. Ford does currently offers one battery powered all-electric vehicle, the Focus Electric, but they also offer vehicles like the plug-in the Fusion Energi.

Ford will use these funds for development and research for the 16 all-electric EVs as well as two dozen hybrid and plug-in hybrid models by 2022. So, vehicles like the best-selling Ford F150 pickup will see a possible EV model in the near future. Ford sees some consumers will likely embrace the shift towards electrification as long as its a model that fits their lifestyle.

Image credits: Ford
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