Godzilla joins a Japanese police force

Japan’s first R35 Nissan GT-R police vehicle has entered police service in Tochigi Prefecture as the city received a brand new Nissan GT-R police car. The Nissan GT-R a.k.a. Godzilla with its 565hp twin-turbo V6 will soon be ready for duty and prowl the highways of Tochigi prefecture, speeders will certainly have more heart pounding anxiety with this beast hiding in the bushes. During a ceremony on Friday, both Nissan and Tochigi Prefecture officials celebrated with a large key handover, but the key was more of a novelty and photo op as it doesn’t start up the car.

Nissan used this opportunity to mark it’s Tochigi factory’s 50th anniversary. This factory, which is located northeast of Tokyo is where the GT-R is produced, along with other models such as the Infiniti Q50 and Nissan 370Z. This GT-R is painted in the two-tone white on black, which is the standard/only paint scheme you’ll see painted on Japanese police cars. The GT-R has light bars added to the roof and hidden LED flashers in the grille. The black 20-inch Rays wheels come standard and were not changed and it blends in well with black finish.

The GT-R will be utilized to patrol the highways of Tochigi Prefecture, but it will also be used in community outreach programs and maybe help make some children future car enthusiasts as well. At least it will used for police duty, unlike in Italy were some of the Lamborghini Huracáns are equipped with special refrigeration system and used mainly to transport of organs for transplant. The commander of the expressway patrol unit Masaki Tanaka stated, “Members of the patrol unit were excited to hear that the GT-R is joining the fleet.” Though there are no plans to add more GT-Rs into police service, but in the past some police departments in Japan have utilized sports cars like the Mazda RX-8 and Nissan 350Z. The Toyota Crown is the most common cop car in Japan.

Some pictures of police cars from Japan:

Image credits: Nissan, Police car photos – Chris H

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