Gogoro 2 Smartscooter – Updated to practically fit your lifestyle

The Gogoro Smartscooter has been updated. The Gogoro 2 and Gogoro 2 Plus are completely redesigned, with a new second generation motor and powertrain that delivers the same amount of electrical power (6.4kW), but with more emphasis on smoother torque and more control. Last year I had the opportunity to try out the Gogoro 1 (My review of the Gogoro 1 event).

Gogoro 2 now has a larger and brighter LED display. With version 2, Gogoro wants to make maintenance easier, larger wheels (14-inch up front, 13-inch on the rear), updated geometry with a longer 51-inch wheelbase and a synchronized braking system that helps improve stability. The width and length have increased, which makes it more comfortable for two people to ride together. Practicality has finally been addressed. The storage bin underneath the seat is now bigger and deeper than the version 1. It has enough room for two helmets and includes a USB outlet to charge your devices.

As with the Gogoro 1, you need the mobile app to personalize this electric scooter as well as check the diagnostics. The new app 2.0 has improved security that can require a fingerprint or PIN code to start the scooter, making its scooters (both old and new) “virtually unstealable.” With the app you can customize the mood lighting and the sounds of the turn signals.

Gogoro 2 has plans to offer 50 different accessories to help customize your scooter. Here are some examples of customization ideas for a Gogoro:

Pricing for the Gogoro 2 electric Smartscooter starts at $38,800 NTD ($1,280USD) with all government subsidies being applied to the cost. However, without subsidies the Gogoro 2 starting price is $73,800 NTD ($2,435 USD) and the Gogoro 2 Plus at $79,800 NTD ($2,640 USD).


The Gogoro 2 improves on the Gogoro 1. It addressed shortfalls that the previous one had, i.e. storage space, practicality, and customization. Lots of people, particularly in Taiwan like to personalize their scooters to make it stand out. Adding the customization aspect will help Gogoro bring in more customers, along with partnerships with gas stations and 7-11s to make battery swapping more convenient all over the island.


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