Hampton Roads Transit’s Nova bus LFS

Back in June 2014 Hampton Roads Transit took delivery of seven Nova Bus LFS, numbered 5101-5107.  Theses buses are on an eight year lease and are deployed from HRT’s Southside division. The purpose is to improve service on routes 44, 45, and 47 as part of an agreement with the Elizabeth River Tunnels.

IMG_7332 IMG_7322 

For example, improvements on route 47 -This route now has 15 min peak service between County/Court St and Village/Academy. It runs Monday-Friday 6am-8am and 4pm- 6:30 pm. Monday-Saturday til 10 and new Sunday service that is hourly from 7am-7pm.

Route 45 runs Monday-Saturday 5am-12am starting at the downtown Norfolk transit center and ending at the Portsmouth transit center. Sunday service begins at 7am and goes until 11pm.

Here are some pictures I took of HRT’s Novas earlier this year in Norfolk and Portsmouth.

IMG_7287 IMG_7302
IMG_7297 IMG_7301
The rest of HRT’s transit bus fleet consists of Gillig Low Floor and Phantoms.

2 thoughts on “Hampton Roads Transit’s Nova bus LFS

  1. I like transit the Novabus new buses, We (The whole family went to Disney in Orlando, Florida and I did ride the Disney 2010 Novabus LFS T40102 bus the 10 Novabus LFS T40102 has a Cummins Diiesel power engine,), The Novabus LFS 2001,02 Novabus LFS T40102 bus and the 01-02 Novabus LFS T40102 has a Detroit Diesel-powered 40 engine

  2. So are they not gonna be around after the 8 years are up?

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