Having fun with Subarus

Coming all the way from England, precision stunt driver Russ Swift was in Kaohsiung showing off the capabilities of several Subaru vehicles. Russ’ driving skills are known worldwide and his skills have been shown on many car commercials and UK Top Gear. Today, he brings his fun to the Dream Mall’s wide open streets to show in front of an audience. The cars used for the show are Subaru WRX, WRX STi, and VX Crosstrek. The Subarus were put through several stunts. Russ engaged the audience to cheer and even chose a member of the audience to ride along for each stunt he performed.

The stunts were the following:

J-turn, handbrake parallel parking, reverse parking, donuts, and two-wheeling

This one thing I don’t like about Asian culture, especially in Taiwan. Many companies use show girls in their marketing. For me to come to this event I expect to see cars not girls dressed in skimpy outfits. The ploy does work in helping to get the audience pumped.

Here is cheesy dance show to get the show started.

IMG_9890 IMG_9888
Circling and sliding a shape of an 8 around two cars:


IMG_9925 IMG_9924
Handbrake parallel parking:

IMG_9918 IMG_9911

Russell interacts with the crowd giving thumbs up to see if the crowd approves the parking job. However, the Russ wants the two VX Crosstreks to make the parking space smaller and the crowd cheers for that.  Russell then asks the drivers in the VXs to move in.  Then Russ performs another handbrake parallel parking stunt and asks if the coordinator approves.  The crowd cheers on wanting more cool stunts.

IMG_9909 IMG_9913
Here Russ performs the reverse parking.  The VX drivers are spaced out enough for the first attempt, but Russ and the crowd wants the cars parked closer.  As the two cars move closer Russ performs his second attempt with success and precision.

IMG_9897 IMG_9902
The final stunt was two-wheeling. Russ drove right passenger side wheels of the VX up a small ramp. For a few seconds the car was able to drive on two wheels before landing back on the ground.

IMG_9933 IMG_9937

The final performance was the donut in the WRX STi


After the event concluded Russ went to another tent to sign autographs. The first 30 lucky guests received a tumbler pouch.

IMG_9941We were able to one of the 30 in line to get his autograph on the pouch.

Photo0010Not my videos, but videos showing the stunts from the event:

Though it would’ve been better without that annoying lady announcer.

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