KRTC tests CAF Urbos 3 trams

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On July 21st KRTC began testing their CAF Urbos 3 trams for a week. The testing took place between the C1 Treasure Island and C4 Kaisyuan Zhonghua stations. Department of Transportation staff from Taipei and CAF representatives were on hand observe the progress. The Department of Rapid Transit Systems says the tests involve acceleration, deceleration, station stopping and the electrical charging system, the beginning of the seven-day test and inspections are essential. Currently, the Kaohsiung circular light rail line has 9 trams. Each tram will be tested one by one to find any deficiency before opening the line to the public.

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The testing speed for the trams were between 15-20mph (25-30km/h), which will be the average speed that the trams will be traveling along the line. The test starts at 9am in the morning and ends at 7pm in the evening, beginning on July 21st lasting until July 27th. Kaohsiung KRTC Director Secretary Wu Jiachang said, the test results so far were “very good”. Wu praises “Today we are at the beginning stages of the test run, this step is very important, we go according to schedule and test acceleration, deceleration, station entering and electrical charging system, today’s results are very good.”

Last November KRTC allowed the public to view the CAF Urbos 3 rolling stock. Every one of them has 5 cars and the 5 cars can fit 250 passengers. The plan is to have first phase with its 14 stations along a 5.5 mile (8.7 km) length opened by late August. Once all the TRA rail lines are moved underground, the second phase will have an additional 22 stations. That phase is scheduled for completion in 2019, which by then will create a real circular loop around the city.

Video of the tram accelerating away from the C4 station, heading eastbound towards C3 station.

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