Law enforcement vehicles of London, Ontario Canada

Here is a look at what vehicles the London Police Service use for patrols in the city. The city located at the half way point between Detroit, Michigan USA and Toronto, Ontario Canada still has many Ford Crown Victorias on duty. However, that model has been out of production since 2011, since then the London Police Service has took a while to find a proper replacement for the ole Vic. It seems that recently LPS is now split between using both the Dodge Chargers and Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility. Also featured here is UWO’s campus patrol vehicles.

The London Police Service doesn’t just use American/Canadian iron, but they also have on unique ride in their stable as well. The school resource officer gets to use a Subaru Impreza WRX sedan!

The University of Western Ontario campus police uses Fords with just three patrol vehicles in its public safety fleet. One of each, a Ford Crown Victoria, Ford Explorer Interceptor Utility, and a Ford Taurus Police Interceptor sedan.

The UWO FPIU on campus patrol.

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