Luxgen S5 review – Luxury and tech arrives in compact form

The Luxgen brand is a brand that many of you have never even heard of, but the brand covers most of the categories in each segment. The S5 Turbo is brand’s first four door sedan. Does it compete well with the established brands in this crowded segment?



Style & Specs:

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The exterior of the S5 looks stylish and the interior is well thought out. The car easily bends in with its competitors. The LED running lights up front and LED tail lights help round out the LED needs in an obsessed market. The engine choices are a 1.8L and a 2.0L, putting out 152hp and 173hp respectively. The test car had the 2.0L VVT turbocharged engine developed by ChungHwa Engine Corp., which in turn was tuned by Delphi. The turbocharger is supplied by Garrett and powers the 2.0L engine up to 173 hp with 200 lb·ft of torque at 2,500 to 4,000 rpm.


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When you hop into the S5 you’ll notice how luxuriously appointed the interior is. The smart key allows you to keep the key in the pocket. Push the ignition button and the car’s digital instrument cluster comes alive like a jet fighter. The heads up display monitor then tilts up and you are ready to roll! With the help of HTC the S5’s infotainment system uses the Android operating system, which makes it like a giant smartphone. The buttons on the dash are easily readable and within reach from the drivers seat. The automatic climate control is layout that it can be used without much hassle. The seats as with all Luxgen models are comfortable plush leather with large headrest that help wrap the head in comfort.

IMG_0916The backseats are roomy and comfortable with enough space to stretch out the legs, even on long road trips.

Standard are 6 airbags (to Americans it may not seem like much), which for a locally build Taiwan car is very uncommon. To help save weight and keep prices low locally built cars usually only offer just the driver and passenger front airbags. Luxgen has put a lot of emphasis on safety for the driver and passengers. The doors even close with a solid thud due to the extra strength of the steel and side impact door beams.

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However,the best feature on all Luxgen models is that they all come with a 360 field of view called “Active Eagle View 360.” Cameras are mounted on the front, rear, and side mirrors give the S5 and all Luxgen models added assurance when navigating through traffic and even parallel parking. Activating the turn signals for either direction the camera for that side mirror then allows you to see what is behind you and will make and audible noise if you drift into a line of another car, thus helping eliminating the blind spot hazard. The backup camera helps you park when reversing, the screen displays lines that help guide you, along with audible sounds warning you of how close you are to another car or object. The backup camera (when not reversing) and front cameras can still be viewed by pressing button next to the infotainment system.

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As you see in the picture when activating the left turn signal you see the left side of the car.

IMG_0912  IMG_0923

The 360 field of view feature allows you to see all around the car.

IMG_0921 IMG_0925

The side mirrors have two cameras, one is placed facing downward to help show painted lines and objects on the road, which then are relayed the screen to help you navigate through these tight areas.

On the road:

Now how does the S5 sedan drive? After taking it for a spin around town the car offers brisk acceleration with its engine noise being tame. The turbo is fast to kick in when you need that extra power. In both the city and on the highway, the ride is very smooth. On the highway the S5 is able to keep up with traffic even driving at 75 mph with head winds. The car had very little wind noise nor was road noise loud except on rough pavement. The drive felt more like a luxury car instead of a compact or a mid size   sedan. When making turns the S5 takes the turns well and the tight turning radius make this car very nimble in tight spaces.


4 of 5

In the field of compact sedans this car gets lost in the segment. It is too bad it is often overlooked by buyers because its truly a hidden gem when compared to popular models sold in Taiwan; the Toyota Corolla, and Mitsubishi Lancer, and Nissan Sentra. The S5 is quick and nimble and packed with so much safety and tech, what is there not to like about it?

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