Luxgen U6 review – The affordable crossover with a touch of luxury and packed with technology

In the crowded arena of crossovers and SUV; manufacturers are creating new vehicles to get you into the showrooms. Luxgen‘s newest addition to growing lineup of vehicles, the U6 crossover hopes to deliver on that. So how does it do in this crowded field?

Based on the platform from Luxgen S5 Sedan, which was reviewed last year, the U6 Eco Hyper is the newest version of the U6 crossover, which was unveiled in 2013.

Style & Specs:

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Newly re-tuned engines, the two engine choices are a 1.8L Eco Hyper and a 2.0L Eco Hyper, putting out 168hp and 190hp respectively. Eco Hyper is Luxgen’s new name for their boosted engines, similar to Ford’s EcoBoost, GM’s Ecotec, Honda’s Earth Dreams, and Kia’s GDi engines. However, the test car had the 1.8L VVT turbocharged engine which produces 168 hp with 180 lb·ft of torque at 2,400 to 4,000 rpm.

The exterior of the U6 is stylish with its angular front end and sloped shape behind the C-pillar, giving it a sporty look rather than being a boxy SUV. As with most new cars these days LED running lights up front and LED tail lights help round out the need of coolness LED seems to provide.

The ride height is another welcomed feature for many, the U6’s ground clearance is 6 inches. A comparable Toyota RAV4 is 6.3 inches and the Honda CR-V is 6.8 inches. This helps make getting in and out of the vehicle easier.

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Jumping into the U6 you’ll notice how spacious and luxuriously appointed the interior is. Plush leather seats that look like classy and are very comfortable. The U6 isn’t just designed with the driver in mind; the passengers also get plush comfortable seating. Lots of interior room for backseat passengers have space to stretch their legs and to place their arms with an included middle armrest. There are eight cup holders too! Ample cargo space and split 60/40 hands out many ways to carry whatever you need to bring with you. The smart key allows you to keep the key in the pocket. Push the ignition button and the car’s digital instrument cluster comes alive like a jet fighter. The heads up display monitor then tilts up and you are ready to roll! With the help of HTC the U6’s infotainment system uses the Android operating system with Bluetooth connectivity,  its almost like a giant smartphone built into the dashboard. For iPhone users they’ll need to hook up their phones to the HDMI/auxiliary jack to use features from their phones. On the dash buttons are easily readable and all within reach from the drivers seat. The automatic climate control is laid out in a way so can be used without much hassle.

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Another neat feature in the U6 is the nifty slot that allows you to always have tissue paper on hand. No more putting tissue boxes on the floor or on the backseats! Now when you need to blow your nose, it is all within reach.

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Safety has always been important among many consumers. Luxgen’s emphasis on safety is seem throughout the U6. Triple steel beams in doors, enforced front crumple zones in front and rear, 6 airbags, ABS+TCS just name a few. Like other Luxgen models the U6 features the Active Eagle View 360, which gives the driver a 360 degree field of view with cameras mounted on the side view mirrors plus the front and rear bumpers. These aids are designed to help the driver keep safe from the ever hectic driving in Taiwan. The emergency brake is placed on the center console and is designed similarly to some European luxury cars. Apply by pressing the brake and pushing down the bottom. To disengage pull up until the red light is no longer illuminated. However, the parking brake can be disengaged when putting into drive and stepping on the gas and brake.

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On the road:

IMG_8809The U6 accelerates quick with the turbo kicking in right away, even with the 1.8L there is no problems merging with traffic. At highway speeds the U6 is smooth and stable with very little wind noise intruding into the passenger cabin. In and around town the U6 is quiet and is able to take on tight corners and turns with ease. Handling-wise, the turning radius is tight and precise with very little body roll. The re-tuned Eco Hyper engines are a step up from their predecessors and it shows especially when it comes to acceleration. There is very little turbo lag, which plagued the previous engines.


4.5 of 5

Practicality and functionality help make the U6 crossover a winner. It has become a big hit for Luxgen and it is often seen in the top 10 of sales charts in the domestic auto sales market. It seems many consumers have discovered that you can have safety, space, style, and tech all in one affordable package.


Starting prices for the base 1.8L is $NT759,000 ($24,500 USD). The 1.8L Sports+ starts at $NT839,000 ($27,100 USD). The range topping 2.0L Sports+ tops out at $NT959,000 ($31,000 USD)

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  1. Pricing of the Luxgen U6 Crossover ranges from $NTD 762,000 – 962,000 ($25,250-$32,000 USD)

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