Luxgen URX – The third row crossover segment sees a new challenger

Luxgen in mid-December unveiled the latest addition to their SUV lineup – the Luxgen URX a crossover with an available third row of seating. This 5 + 2 crossover is intended to replace the existing U7 SUV, which has been around since 2010. However, the U7 will continue production, but in limited numbers or for special orders. The URX enters an ever growing competitive segment and Luxgen wants to make sure it stands out from the pack. Unique styling and technology are a plus, but so is the competitive pricing and interior comfort and space.

The exterior is reminiscent of other crossovers in this segment, such as the 4th gen Hyundai Santa Fe, Subaru Ascent, and Toyota Highlander. It is 6.4 inches longer than the Luxgen U7 that its intended to replace. The front end design has looks similar to Hyundai’s Santa Fe with the large grille and thin LED light strips and a bit of Jeep Cherokee mixed in the design. The thin LED headlight strips acts as the DRLs while at the bottom are the headlights and integrated fog lights. The D-Pillar has a grove that gives it a floating roof design, however, when standard its unpainted, but an option is available to have that spot painted giving the URX a floating roof look.

The interior features a large 12 inch touch screen in the middle of the dashboard with all the vehicle’s data placed onto the screen. There is no instrumental readout in front of the driver, now that is replaced by the ARD heads up display, which displays speed, fuel consumption, and tachometer. This allows the driver to keep the eyes in front of them without the need to look down or to the side for information aside from navigation or changing the radio stations.

The engine is a new 1.8L Twin Scroll Turbo mated to an AISIN 6 speed automatic transmission. The URX does not use a traditional shift knob, but like many newer vehicles has started using a nob gear selector instead.

The 1.8L engine puts out 200HP/5200RPM.

As with all Luxgens, the URX features the brand’s Eagle View 360, which has cameras and sensors installed all around the vehicle giving the driver and passengers a live view outside all from the 12 inch touchscreen.

Prices start at $NTD 908,000 ($30,250 USD) for the 5 passenger version with tech package. The top of the line specs out with adaptive cruise control, 360 Eagle View and third row at $NTD 1,119,0000 ($37,300 USD). This is a Taiwan exclusive vehicle and it competes locally with the Hyundai Santa Fe, Subaru Forest (Ascent not sold outside North America), Nissan Rogue, Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4 etc. The URX has optional third row seating, but some of the competitive vehicles listed don’t offer that option aside from the Hyundai.

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