2015 Tainan Motor Show: Luxgen V7 Turbo ramp van

Luxgen recently unveiled at the Taipei and Tainan Motor Shows a new mobility aid vehicle. With the popularity of mobility vans ever increasing, particularly with minivans being used as a platform with the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Siennas being the most popular vans in the U.S. to make accessible. Luxgen decided Taiwan is need of a van that can do what Braun Mobility can do locally. Based on the M7 Turbo MPV, this van is equipped with a wheelchair ramp and tether anchors to help strap in the wheelchair. The raised roof also aids in those needing to stand in the back to help strap the passengers in.

Here are picture I took of the V7 Turbo mobility ramp van at the 2015 Tainan Motor Show. The stuffed teddy bear was used for demonstration purposes.

IMG_5950 IMG_5951
IMG_5954 IMG_5949

You can read more about the Luxgen car brand here:

Luxgen – Rare fruit you may never see

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