Luxgen’s artificial intelligence concept car to make its debut

The Luxgen Artificial Intelligence Concept Car is set to make its debut at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show. It features a Double Line design and a unique simplified design to enhance its beauty. Luxgen’s new A.I. concept car uses an extremely streamlined design style and an avant-garde design line in the front. It features a projected LED headlamp set and a large air intake grille to highlight technology style. Recently, Luxgen released more details on the design for the new concept car (images below), and for the first time pictures of what the interior configuration may look like. As with current Luxgen models, the large touchscreen will be a prominent feature on the dashboard.

According to Luxgen, their A.I. concept car will have a new design language at the front of the car with a large intake grille design highlighting the new technological styling direction. The side profile of the vehicle features Luxgen’s famous “Standing Pen Back” design, which is used to outline a unique “Double Line” on the side of the car. The designers used “archery” as a source of inspiration for the body shape, complemented by a more inclined C-pillar design, which makes for a dynamic yet elegant body line configuration.
For the interior, Luxgen’s new concept car takes the A.I.’s new smart concept as the main focus, and the smart central control screen uses a full-liquid crystal panel display to integrate all functions, it adds a large number of technological elements to the design of the dashboard and the large intelligent central control touchscreen. The dashboard is a simple and humane design.
The instrument panel has abandoned the traditional analog or LCD panel design, instead driving information is now projected on to the front windshield through the AR real-view display, so that the driver can obtain the necessary driving information without having to take their eyes off the road ahead, thereby enhancing the driving experience and safety.

Luxgen has not provided any information on A.I. will function in the car and whether or not the car will have any fully autonomous driving features. More details of the Luxgen concept is to come after the unveiling.

Image credits: Luxgen

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