Mitsubishi Colt Plus Bon Voyage Edition

No the Mitsubishi Colt Plus isn’t going a way as the “bon voyage” badge maybe implying. This is just another special edition model to help keep the Colt Plus lineup fresh. Last year CMC/Mitsubishi unveiled the more manly Colt Plus X Sports. The new special edition is for those who just like setting sail (Literally) and going to the beach. It comes in bright white! But wait, there’s more!


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The 1.5L MIVEC engine, which puts out only 112 horsepower is unchanged, but fuel economy is now rated at 16.4 km/L (50 mpg). The CVT transmission is a carryover from the regular Colt Plus models. The only changes with the exterior are mainly cosmetic with decals with an anchor and overly large striping with “bon voyage” on the fenders. The rear tailgate has a power open and close feature, which the regular Colt Plus doesn’t have. Interior-wise, the Colt Plus Bon Voyage Edition gets the full treatment that sets it apart. The instrument gauge is completely digital with all the functions integrated all onto the cluster such as the speedometer, tachometer, and fuel gauge, but also the standard backup camera is displayed on there. TPMS now comes standard and the display of tire pressure in all four tires shows up on the cluster as well. The dashboard and seats get that special edition treatment with extra bolsters in the seats and blue and white over leather. The dashboard and center console area meanwhile gets blue and white trim to make it unique. Pricing for the Bon Voyage is roughly $24,500 USD, which is an extra $2,500 over the regular Colt Plus models. However, you get more additional features for the price.

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