Mitsubishi Colt Plus review – The camel’s back gets larger

The Mitsubishi Colt Plus was introduced in 2004 as a larger version of the Colt hatchback. Back then it was designed by Mitsubishi of Japan, it wasn’t introduced to the Taiwan market until 2007. However, fast forward to 2014, Mitsubishi abroad no longer produces the Colt and in many other markets such as Australia, Thailand, and the United States now sell it’s replacement the subcompact Mirage. However, Mitsubishi Taiwan’s partner company CMC a.k.a. China Motor Corp. decided not to assemble or import the smaller newer Mirage locally. Instead CMC decided to give the Colt Plus a facelift/redesign. Therefore, the new Colt Plus is now sold exclusively in Taiwan, it’s not even sold in China!

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The Colt Plus may have a redesigned exterior and interior, but underneath it is the same as the previous Colt Plus. The new Colt Plus is also three and a half inches larger than the previous model with most of it length increase up front with the hood. The tumor in the rear also gotten bigger too!

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Style & Specs:

Looks wise it’s rather bland looking, not the prettiest vehicle to look at, has only 112 horsepower, but it’s rated at 19.2 km/L (45 mpg). The engine is the same 1.5L MIVEC as before. Where as the previous Colt Plus had a 4 speed automatic transmission, this new one now has a CVT with a 7 speed sport mode for those who want to have some more fun behind the wheel by pretending to shift some gears. Also new are LED tail lights and LED running lights under the headlights. LED is all the rage in Taiwan these days, it must be included even on an A segment car!

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When you hop in the Colt Plus you’ll immediately see that CMC put effort into making the interior design more modern. Now there is a smart key with push button start, so no more fumbling for the keys. The test car included a touch-screen infotainment system, which includes GPS, Bluetooth and HDMI connectivity. The radio controls are simply placed next to the screen. Also included is a backup camera. When in reverse the screen displays lines that help guide you, along with audible sounds indicating how close you are to something. The build quality is okay, despite the abundance of hard plastics. It comes with a 140 watt stereo with six speakers and a USB input that comes out of the glove box. The seats are quite supportive and the leather stitching help give it a more higher end feel.


Cargo capacity is where the Colt Plus shines. The trunk is huge and the floor can be height adjusted to allow taller items to fit in nicely. The back seats fold 60/40 and there is a smart one-touch leverage in the trunk you can pull to let the seats move down. Also on the smart key you open the tailgate with a press of a button. The abundance of storage bins this car has! The front passenger seat underneath has a storage box for shoes or books. A hook placed on the back of the passenger seat and in the cargo area allows you to hang bags. For an A-segment vehicle the Colt Plus is quite large. The interior is roomy and the passengers in the back have enough space to stretch their legs.

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On the road:

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Now how does it drive? Well after taking it for a spin around town the car definitely is pulling it’s weight that’s for sure. In the city the Colt Plus accelerates well despite weighing in at about 2,600lbs. On the highway, the ride is surprisingly decent and that CVT works hard to obtain optimum efficiency. At 110km/h (70mph) the engine is buzzing at 2,000 RPM as it keeps up with traffic. There is also noticeable wind noise and abundant road noise. The new Colt Plus has less NVH sound dampening materials when compared to the previous model. As for making sharp turns the car does have some noticeable body roll.


3 out of 5

The Colt Plus is just basically an update of a not so pretty looking car. It’s definitely better to drive and much more stable at highway speeds than the Mitsubishi Mirage sold abroad. CMC didn’t make the it look cute as some other subcompacts try to be, but it definitely does what it’s suppose to by being a people and cargo hauler.

Update: – Mitsubishi Taiwan unveils an addition to the Colt Plus lineup called the X Sports:

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The refreshed 2018 Mitsubishi Colt Plus:

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One thought on “Mitsubishi Colt Plus review – The camel’s back gets larger

  1. Good review about colt plus. I happen to own this car for 2 years now. I love hatch backs. I previously owned a VW golf polo for 1 year. I owned a mazda 3 hatch back for 1 year too and a toyota Yaris for 2 years (was my first car). Strangely, the colt plus has very good engine. I have only done normal servicing and it really consumes like the 1 litre Yaris I had for a 1.5 litre engine especially on long distance drives. The mazda 3 and VW golf consumed more fuel and I made several trips to replace one or two things.The Yaris was well behaved I never replaced anything in 1 year of ownership. The colt plus amazed me. This car was well engineered. Its not a powerful car so dont expect a racing car here. Like the author side its an excellent people hauler and mover. It has looks too because of round shape that stands out. I am planning to buy this bigger camel like you call it. This car just doest not breakdown. I love it. Good for the pocket.

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