Mitsubishi Delica – Old school for a new decade

While Japan has the newest version Mitsubishi Delica (5th gen) on sale. Meanwhile, Taiwan is still selling the 3rd generation Delica as a new vehicle. The Taiwan-spec Delica is a very popular workhorse for many and it still tops the sales charts ever year. While the platform dates all the way back to 1986, this new update modernizes the Delica by adding new safety features and style to an already ancient platform.

The last facelift the Taiwanese Mitsubishi Delica received was back in 2012. However, this new update is more dramatic as it has changed the whole front end, which is now longer. The facelift Delica now looks nothing like the original model from the mid-80s. The front end has grown a few centimeters/inches in length and now has a new nose complete with dual stacked headlights (Both halogen DRL/parking lights on the top and halogen headlights on the bottom stack). This Delica now incorporates the dynamic shield nose as seen on all modern Mitsubishis today, albeit without the excessive chrome. The body of the van remains unchanged as the doors, quarter panel and tailgate are just like as it was back in 1986. The tailgate did get updated with extra lights and big DELICA inscription to help give it a more modern look.

The interior is a mixture of old and new. The dashboard may look dated, but the instrument cluster now has a digital display in the middle, steering wheel is now updated a new with mounted audio and cruise control buttons. Note: The updated Delica now has dual airbags for both the driver and front passenger. Other updates include the door panels, which has been freshened up to make it more modern, while a conventional hand brake replaces the twist-to-release parking brake.

On January 1, 2020 Taiwan will strengthen it’s vehicle safety laws, therefore Mitsubishi Taiwan needed to update the Delica before the new laws take into effect in order to keep selling their popular workhorse. Now the Delica has been fitted with the latest in modern safety features as well. Mentioned earlier were the standard dual airbags, but this Delica is now equipped with ESC (stability control), traction control, roll stability control, hill start assist, tire pressure monitoring system, and ISOFIX seats. ABS has been standard on the Delica since the late 1990s, but these additional safety features help bring the Delica to the next level.

The 2.4L 4G69 4-cylinder engine powers the Delica. Horsepower its roughly 130hp. Transmission options include a 6 speed manual or a 5 speed automatic. While Japan gets the newest generation Delica, the Taiwan-spec Delica gets modernized to keep the workhorse status well into next decade.

Prices start at NT$537,000 ($ 17,350 USD) for the bare bones Delica cargo truck and tops out at NT$780,000 ($25,200 USD) for a fully equipped 8 passenger Delica.

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  1. If if have USD, can I import one to the US? My present one is from 1987 and has over 300K on it.

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