Mitsubishi Grand Lancer review – The evolution of an old timer

The decades old Lancer has finally been put out in the pasture. All around the world, the 2017 model year is the last year for the long running Japanese nameplate, including in the United States. However is the Lancer gone? Nope, in Taiwan, the Lancer name lives on and the car has been redesigned and re-engineered from the ground up. The all new Grand Lancer is the new name, which goes with anything CMC (Mitsubishi Taiwan a.k.a China Motor Company) decides to call it to make it sound more special (Global Lancer (2005), Lancer Fortis (2008).

Styling and specs:

The new Grand Lancer is designed by the legendary Italian car design firm Pininfarina. They maybe known for designing Ferraris, but Mitsubishi went to them to help create a modern Lancer with a more dynamic look. This new Grand Lancer now incorporates the Mitsubishi dynamic shield, plus all new sheet metal and improvements to the driving dynamics. The tail lights are now U-shaped LED with a sharper rear bumper and trunk deck treatment. From the A-pillar to the C-pillar everything is all new. The creases over the side body panels is all reworked. The interior has also been reworked as well, with an all new dashboard. The 4.3 inch infotainment system lets you control and view the GPS, radio, and bluetooth and phone setup. Stitching and brushed aluminum trim give the Grand Lancer a more upscale feel. Drivers instrumentation now uses the Smart dashboard, which is also used in the new Colt Plus. The smart dashboard has three different speedometer and tachometer settings. You can personalize the the colors of the instrument panel, view tire pressure, oil life, fuel range, etc.

The all new sheet metal increases the length of the Lancer almost two inches, while the height, wheelbase, and width remains the same has the predecessor.

Dimensions:Wheelbase 2,635 mm (103.7 in), Length (Predecessor 4,570 mm (179.9 in), new Grand Lancer 4,615 mm (181.7 in), Width, 1,770 mm (69.7 in), and Height 1,490 mm (58.7 in)

Tech abounds with HDMI, USB connection, and Bluetooth connectivity. The Grand Lancer helps you stay connected to your technology filled life.

On the road:

The engine is the same 1.8L  SOHC MIVEC that produces 140HP at 17.9kgf/m at 4200RPM. New is an improved JATCO CVT with simulated 8 speeds, this transmission is smooth and gives the Grand Lancer quick acceleration without that noise that CVTs usually push out when floored. The Grand Lancer has improved NVH, which helps keep engine and road noise at check. Acceleration is quick and the car has no problem on the highway when the need of overtaking comes. On local roads the car does try its best to absorb the bumps and potholes, but with the suspension setup the driver and passengers do notice the thump vibrating through as the car goes over bumps. Turning radius is tight at 35 ft, so making that quick u-turn is no problem in the city.

The base model Grand Lancer does not have the firmer suspension nor does it have the paddle shifters, so the comfort and ride on that model will be different than that of the Sport model used in this review


3.5 out of 5

CMC Mitsubishi wants the consumer to see this is more than just a facelift, but rather a evolutionary redesign of what was a decades old design. It is indeed a fresh new design on top of a old chassis, but again this Grand Lancer sets out to create a more enjoyable driving experience with the safety and tech that we all come to expect in a new car this decade.

Pricing for the base Grand Lancer starts at $NTD699,000 ($23,250 USD) and tops out at $NTD799,000 ($26,600USD) for the Sport model. Again, the sport models the vehicle driven during this review. It has features not included in the base model such as paddle shifters, 18 inch 5 spoke alloy wheels, firmer suspension and torsion beams. Safety features on the Sport include lane change assist, BSW (blind spot warning), traction control, rear view camera, emergency braking assist, etc. All these safety features along with ABS and 6 standard airbags make the Grand Lancer an all around good value.

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