The Modern Toilet Restaurant – Taichung

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Nestled in the North District in Taichung, in the sea of restaurants and street vendors hustling their snacks and goods, it is not hard to notice the sign with the “restroom male and female” icons. Across the street from a senior high school, the Modern Toilet Restaurant (便所主題餐廳) is situated on the second floor. Upon entering the building, the entrance greets you with several toilets and a plunger. This is one of many theme restaurants across the island. The Modern Toilet has several locations in Taipei and in various cities in China. The concept entered the U.S. in October 2013 with a location in Los Angeles called the Magic Restroom Cafe. However, this concept didn’t go to well as the Magic Restroom Cafe literally went down the toilet in May 2014. This brings me back to the Modern Toilet, where in Taiwan people are more accepting to this kind of weird stuff.

The decor in the restaurant makes you think your in a whole another universe! This place has everything imaginable that you’d see in a bathroom with bath robes, shower heads, bathtubs, and different colors and styles of toilets. There are even poop shaped lamps over head, poop shaped cushions, and even toilet seats to sit on! This is truly an interesting experience! The dining tables were either a sink or bathtub with a piece of glass placed on top. Other decor in the restaurant included bathroom tile walls, shower doors, shower heads next to tables, and faucet taps connected from the end of the giant sink hanging on the walls. Like I said earlier you can sit down on toilet seats, but you may also have the option to sit in regular chairs too.

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Upon entering the restaurant you are literally entering a whole another universe!

On to the meals, I ordered the vegetable curry with rice, just so it comes in a toilet bowl. For the appetizer I ordered a cream of corn soup, which came out in a toilet bowl shaped mug. Other menu items are spaghetti  and gratins, but those came on plates, boo! The curries and hot pots come in a toilet bowl, so I ordered the curry just to get it in the toilet. I waited no less than 15 minutes and my main course came out in a light green toilet bowl with a simmering hot curry in the bowl, it looked like something out of a night of eating a lot of bad eggs, lol! So how does the food taste? It was just so-so, for $NT180 ($6 USD) there were so many places in Taiwan you can get the same curry for half the price. The cream of corn soup tasted bland, it was watery, the corn was blended up into little shreds and the soup had pepper shreds to help dilute the blandness. Again, this is only a place to come to enjoy the unique novelty factor it has, not the food. The food is a bit pricey for what you get. Now on to desert, I ordered the chocolate vanilla swirl because it has to be cool. Dirty thoughts come to mind! Nonetheless, it was cool because it came out in a squatter toilet!

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The vegetable curry set meal

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The ice cream swirl in a squatter (dirty thoughts come mind) and the bathtub table.
IMG_5045Cream of corn soup in a toilet shaped mug

The cost of the lunch (just me) was about $NT300, which is about $10 USD. In the U.S. that is about equal to a lunch at a casual dining or fast food joint. It amazing what the Taiwanese can think of when it comes to these wacky themed restaurants! It is an experience I just had to have tried at least once. None of my friends had any interest in going to this restaurant, so it was just me. Who can say they’ve eaten in a bathroom? Not many people, that’s for sure!

Near the cashier there are souvenirs of, you guessed it toilet and poo inspired items for you to buy. I however, decided to skip this and just pay and leave. Note that this restaurant is cash only, bring cash if you want to eat and buy gifts here. So, there you have it my review of the Modern Toilet!

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Souvenirs and more bathroom inspired decor

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The restroom sinks are toilets! The throne has some shiny bling too!

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