My Cofi Coffee Shop

Nestled nearby the Kaohsiung Cultural Center in the Lingya District of Kaohsiung City at No. 19, Xiamen Street is a unique coffee shop. Here this little café creates incredible 3D coffee art that maybe too cool drink. My Cofi mainly specializes in dogs with the help of a photo of your pet, but they can also do anything else such as cartoon characters. The foam art takes precision and time, therefore, prices can vary between $NTD 250 – 600 ($8.30 – $19.90 USD) depending on the complexity of the art.

When we went to the cafe, we took a calendar made about our dog with us, plus our dog. The owner of the cafe uses her iPhone to take a picture of the dog from the calendar. Then from there the owner and staff were able to take that image and create the 3D coffee art of our dog. It took her roughly 15 minutes to create the art.

The price for creating a latte of our dog came out to be $NTD500 ($16.60USD). It maybe a bit pricey, but its a novelty that makes for great Facebook and Instagram posts at the same time. We also had Totoro of former anime Studio Ghibli fame created as well, this one costs $NTD350 ($11.60USD) to make.  The cafe serves up breakfast until 11am, but after that its pastries and cake.

The cafe is also pet friendly, dogs are welcome to come in and sit with you as long as they are behaved and leashed. Here is a wall of 3D coffee art that My Cofi has created for others:
Note: As with many establishments in Taiwan this place is CASH ONLY! If you do plan to visit My Cofi make sure to bring enough cash to cover the drinks and the meal.

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