Ford Escort review – Familiar value oriented name returns

The subcompact car market in Taiwan is already quite saturated with several offerings by various automakers. Ford still sells the Fiesta sedan in some markets like the United States (Until the end of 2018 model year though), while in Taiwan the sedan Fiesta was discontinued after the 2014 model year due to poor sales. The five door Fiesta hatchback outsold the sedan by nearly 9 to 1. The Toyota Vios, which I reviewed back in 2015 reigns supreme and constantly dominates sales local charts, but Ford is looking to take a chunk of the pie from the market leader Vios with its all-new Ford Escort.

Does this Ford Escort has what it takes?

Style & Specs:

Styling-wise the design uses Ford’s kinetic design language with its chrome grill, sloped LED headlights, and exterior profile. While it isn’t much of a looker it is, however in my opinion a better design than the Fiesta sedan it replaced, which looked bloated behind the C-pillar.  The competitors in this segment – The Honda City and Toyota Vios aren’t stand outs either. The interior is simple with all the buttons and knobs within reach from the drivers seat. The 8 inch LCD touchscreen lets you sync your phone to play music or make hands-free calls. The test drive model has backup camera and GPS navigation displayed on the screen. The automatic climate control has a digital temperature display. The backseat is spacious for a subcompact with enough room for four adults to sit comfortably. Also, the backseat has a 120v outlet to keep backseat passengers connected to their devices. Like the Ford Escape and other Fords, there is a lock and unlock button for rear passengers to press (not sure why Ford wants this for rear passengers).

The car shares quite a bit of parts from the Fiesta and Focus parts bin such as the Select Shift 6 speed transmission and its non-EcoBoost 1.5L Ti-VCT Duratec 4 cylinder that puts out 113hp@6000rpm and 14.5kgm@4250rpm.

The measurement dimensions of the Ford Escort sedan:

Wheelbase 2687 mm (105.7 in), Length 4,587 mm (180.5 in), Width, 1,825 mm (71.8 in), and Height 1,490 mm (58.6 in)

On the road:

The drive is smooth with minimal road noise protruding into the interior. The sound dampening keeps much of the engine noise at bay. Accelerating-wise the Escort has no problem keeping up with traffic and merging on the highway. At highway speeds the Escort is stable and does not get its weight thrown around by the wind as come of its competitors. Handling-wise, the Escort is predictable and maneuverability around tight spaces in the urban jungle is a breeze.

The Ford Escort comes with many standard features such as ABS, ESC and more airbags (6 airbags standard).


3 out of 5

Ford is targeting new families and retirees with its Escort. Just like its predecessors decades ago this Escort is focused on giving the consumer a budget oriented transportation option. The Escort equipped with the latest in safety and technology. It is a worthy competitor in this crowded segment. I think the Escort is a good value to those looking to buy an affordable, fuel efficient, nimble, and safe car for the family.

Note: this Ford Escort was designed and engineered for the Mainland China auto market in mind and has been sold there since 2014, so it may feel a bit dated (The last model year for the Ford Escort in the United States was 2002 as it was regulated to rental fleets and replaced by the Ford Focus).

This Taiwanese model 2018 Ford Escort is manufactured domestically by Ford Taiwan Lio Ho in Zhongli.

The new Escort’s MSRP prices range from $NTD579,000 – 679,000 ($19,300-22,600 USD). However, current promotional discounts and incentives has prices starting at $NTD499,000 ($17,200 USD), which undercuts the competition by several thousands of dollars though this promotion ends on Chinese New Year. The main competitors with the Escort are the Luxgen S3 ($NTD559,000 – 689,000 ($17,250-$23,700 USD) , Honda City ($NTD629,000 – 669,000 ($21,600-23,000 USD), and Toyota Vios. ($NTD 539,000 – 629,000 ($18,500- 21,600 USD).


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