Amazon Prime Day – Lots of hype that doesn’t deliver.

There was so much hype leading up to Amazon Prime Day (July 15th). However, the day has come and after looking at what was suppose to be bigger sales than black Friday, well it just wasn’t. Was it better than Black Friday? Well only if you want no-name brands for items like beer cozies, callus socks, weird food supplements or a $3000 watch on sale for $1900. Although they had terrific prices on Kindles, a low-end Bose set of headphones (sold out almost instantly) and a couple of other good things – but those vanished quickly and all you’re left with now is the junk you couldn’t give away for free at a garage sale.

Amazon Prime Day is a HUGE FAIL and an embarrassment. There were some issues with items being placed in the wrong categories (Flintstone Gummy vitamins in electronics? an Auto-ranging Multimeter in Automotive?? this list went on and on. It was difficult to navigate (could not stack multiple categories together to peruse all at once, had to stop and recheck each category separately, only showed 5 items at a time made it take forever to scan the offerings, the servers were slow & out of date (a digital air pressure gauge showed as 0% taken and when added to my cart I ended up on the ‘fair chance’ wait list -no explanation of what the wait list is or how to see what I wait listed for or where I was in the list-not that I found anyway, even minutes later it still showed as none purchased when it was actually all gone); the website was out of touch. It was basically stupid and frustrating. Items I was wait listed for couldn’t be found again, no way to mark upcoming items for later except to open endless new browsers. I finally got ONE THING in my cart (then I discovered I had only 15 minutes to purchase, good luck adding anything else to my purchase – that was NEVER explained either), had second thoughts – based on reviews I was afraid it was only a piece of junk, deleted it, and just shut down the PC, never buying ANYTHING from this sale.

I’ve been a Prime member for two years and buy monthly from Amazon, but not this time around. I could hardly find anything of interest, nothing in my saved-for-later cart or wishlists were included. I’m just glad I didn’t get up at midnight for it to begin. (I started @9am Central time – and most things were already GONE within 5-10 minutes of being listed). Oh, and the savings didn’t appear to me to be all that extraordinary, just a slight discount. Besides that, even some of the items I have on my wishlist actually increased in price during this so called sale!

Its a shame the Prime Day didn’t deliver despite all the hype leading up to it. Yes, I’m pretty angry with Amazon for this fiasco; it would have been better if they never had this event. Even Wal-Mart had a big sale on the same day and from what I heard it was much better.

Based on several posts on social media it looks like this HUGE event didn’t live up to the hype.

I guess its better to wait until late November. That is when the real black Friday deals begin.

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