Retro Buses: Muncie Indiana Transit System’s RTS buses

MITS fleet consists mainly Gillig LFs and New Flyer Xcelsior XDE40 hybrids. At one time MITS ran many RTS from GMC, TMC, to Novas along side Flxible Metros. Now there are only 3 RTS’ left in their fleet.

The two remaining 30 foot Nova RTS-06 WFD (RTWFD62) are 140 and 146. Between 1998 and 2000 MITS 10 bought baby Nova RTS’, numbered 138-147. These two are currently used as spares. These only run if another bus is down for service.

IMG_0995 IMG_0994
However, the gem at MITS is their 35 foot 1981 GMC RTS-04 (T7W-604). The GMC is parked and is rarely ever seen outside the garage. It sometimes is seen at special events around town and is used for training purposes.

P2220287 P2220286
P2220285 P2220283
Picture credits goes to MITS.

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