Rinspeed’s Snap autonomous vehicle

Rinspeed has unveiled the Snap for the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Known for its outlandish concepts such as the Squba submersible car that is based on the Lotus Elise or the Oasis with its succulent garden. The Snap is a modular autonomous vehicle that the company thinks will be the future of transportation. It looks like a table on top of a chassis, and thats basically what it is, so to speak. The box on top can be easily removed and reattached to the top of the chassis. Hence, the name Snap.

Rinspeed Snap’s chassis contains an all electric powertrain. The vehicle has seating for people and technology to keep them connected via built in monitors. The interior features touchscreens that are configurable to whom ever rides in the vehicle. It uses several sensors such an iris scanner to identify passengers. As with what you’d expect with a self-driving vehicle, you can relax and be lazy by listening to music, browse the internet, and choose your destination to have the Snap take you there. The Snap also reduces costs and helps save money when it the old version wears out. You will only need to replace the chassis and reuse the body.

Rinspeed envisions an autonomous self-driving vehicle that can help run errands for you, but the company also intends to give Snap some customization options as well. The body can be removed too allow for a semi-permanent structure that can be used in many ways such as a camper, food truck, shopping kiosk, or just a place to chill. It can even be made into a mobile office. The company has shown in the preview video the Snap’s deployable legs that have wheels detaching and moving off and way from the chassis. When the body is detached it may allow the chassis to do other tasks, such as fetching supplies or other bodies to move them around. It may also help another owner of a Snap to transport their body to another location.

The Snap will make its debut at the 2018 CES in January.

Image credits: Rinspeed