Smart and 8% Ice create custom inspired ice cream

For a limited time Smart’s distributor in Taiwan and Taipei ice cream chain 8% Ice joined together to create a line of mixed ice cream flavors for everyone of all ages.  Inspired by the colors of the Smart fortwo limited edition Brabus knightblaze and Smart fortwo limited edition nightpurple. These mixed flavors help give a customization aspect that Smart allows customers to do with their cars.  Flavors include honey melon mixed with melon, vanilla mixed with sesame, and blueberry mixed with banana flavors.



IMG_0386Smart and 8% Ice created a theme around the Smart by showing off the colors/flavors you can get.  Smart logo on ice cream cups to napkins are all part of the promotion.  There is also a cardboard cut out of a Smart fortwo limited edition Brabus Knightblaze to take pictures with.  An overall unique experience even if you are not interested in having the ice cream.


When I went to 8% Ice, the smart flavors for the day were honey melon and blueberry mixed with banana, both were great and not too sweet. For those who are able to experience this, you better hurry!  This promotion ends September 30th!

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