Snow car prank fools Montreal Police

The Montreal metropolitan area had a snow storm that dumped lots of snow on the city the other day and snow removers were hard at work trying to keeping the streets clear. However, Montrealer Simon Laprise, a 33-year-old machinist and woodworker thought it would be cool to prank the snow removers, so he made a car out of snow. The car looks like an early to mid 1990s Mitsubishi Eclipse or Plymouth Laser hatchback to some extent. The snow car seemed real enough that it got the attention of the Montreal Police.

“I did the car to have fun expressing my creativity on that beautiful day,” Laprise said. It’s illegal to have a car parked on the street during snow removal. The police officer on scene was staring at the car and didn’t know what to think.

You can’t ticket a car made of snow or can you?

In the end officers ended up writing him a ticket that read (Translated from French into English), “You made our night hahahahaha :).”

The next day, however, snow removers had removed/plowed away the car.

Image credits: Simon Laprise