So what is your favorite classic British Sports car?

Over the years the British had made some nimble fun to drive sports cars. However, these days it seems that only Aston Martin and Jaguar are filling those shoes, but the old classics will always be memorized. After all, it was the Brits that made the roadster look cool.

This topic can be subjective, but I must say I do like the new Jaguar F Types. However, that is a modern incarnation of the classic Jag E type and does not count since this topic is asking a favorite classic/historic British sports car. If I had to choose my favorite classic; it is a tough choice because I do fascinate over the classic Jags E types and MG roadsters.

However, my favorite British classic would be the Jag E-Type.

IMG_6943 IMG_7051

An honorable mention would be the Austin Healey Sprite. Who doesn’t like a car that has a smiley face?


S0 what are your favorites? Its okay to have more than one

One thought on “So what is your favorite classic British Sports car?

  1. In my opinion, the Giovanni Michelotti designed Triumph GT6 is one of the most underrated and under appreciated British sports car. It’s basso profundo exhaust note is intoxicating and it’s beautifully propotioned. A race winning performer in its day, it was, in fact, Michelotti’s personal favorite of the over 1,200 cars he designed.

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