St. Louis Metro’s New Flyer D60LFs

To address increasing ridership and overcrowding Metro recently purchased 15 used New Flyer articulated buses. The initial plan is to place them on the 70 Grand route to help alleviate overcrowding. The 70 Grand is Metro’s busiest route with the highest ridership. Metro purchased the articulated buses from Complete Coach Works out in California. However, these buses are not new. The buses were completely refurbished inside and out, complete with new interior, transmissions, and engines. The buses originally were operated by Ottawa’s OC Transpo and range from model years 2002 to 2004. Metro purchased 15 the used buses for $6.4 million with the help of $5.2 million in federal grants. The price of these used buses were ¼ less than buying new ones. Metro expects to get a 12 years or more out of them which will not be difficult as their maintenance is one of the best in the country.

Also, Metro is planning on addressing overcrowding on other routes in their system and eventually we may see articulated buses be placed on those routes as well.

IMG_6225 IMG_6229

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