Summertime fun has arrived early

I’ve owned two NA Miatas before (1993 and 1996 models) over ten years ago. I participated in quite a few local SCCA AutoX events with both of those cars back in the day. My current daily driver is a 2013 Acura TSX Special Edition, yet I missed and yearned for another weekend/auto cross car. The Miata despite being underpowered were some of the best handling and fun to drive cars I’ve ever owned.

I hadn’t thought much on getting another Miata MX-5 since our two car garage is already crowded with my TSX and my wife’s Honda Odyssey plus a lot of parts and pack rat stuff I have stacked against the walls. One day after a lunch, my buddy wanted to check out the new Toyota Avalons and Camrys, we also went to a Mazda dealer where he went to look at the Mazda6. While he went to look at the Mazda6 I went to look at what preowned MX-5s the dealer had just to get an idea of how much they’re selling for these days. Low and behold there were several leftover 2017 new model MX-5s, it was mostly Grand Tourings along with one Club and two Sports in inventory. One MX-5 Sport 6 speed manual caught my eye, it was over $2,500 off. Apparently 2018 Sports now have that touch screen, but the 2017 Sports do not have that touch screen. I thought about it for over week and impulsively I went back to the dealer and I was able to negotiate the price down the $23,350 and took delivery that same evening. The Mazda dealer also included one free oil change and an extended warranty, again not too shabby.

My new ride is a 6 speed manual Jet Black Mica 2017 Mazda MX-5. It’s now officially my new garage queen. Just in time for Summer and I am already having a blast driving it as my Summer daily commuter. Meanwhile, my TSX now is parked on the driveway.

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