Suzuki Go Unique Event

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to attend Suzuki’s Go Unique event at Kaohsiung’s Pier 2 Arts Area. This was the final city of a three city tour with the other two cities being Taipei and Taichung. The event isn’t too big nor was it crowded. Three cars were on display, two Suzuki Swifts (regular Swift and a Swift Sport) and one Suzuki Vitara. Here you can sit inside and kick the tires, though some event staff may ask if your interested in testing driving one of the cars from the lineup. At the event there were several test drive vehicles available, but you’d need to arrange a time and type of vehicle.

You maybe wondering why isn’t the new Jimny displayed or available for test drive? Suzuki Taiwan plans to start selling the new Jinmy sometime in the 3rd Quarter of 2019. So yeah, that’ll have to wait.

At the event, one of each vehicle was available to take out for a spin – the Suzuki Baleno, Ignis, Swift, and Vitara.

Coffee and cookies were provided to attendees. Coffee was dispensed from a Nespresso machine using coffee pods. The cookies were sesame or chocolate flavors. These you can ask for as much as you want to eat along with Coke and Sprite.

The event, even if weren’t interested in test driving a car or having arranged a test drive and are on the wait list, there were things to keep you busy. Suzuki had an RC track set up with several radio controlled Suzuki Swifts to drift and race around the track. The event also wanted attendees to post the event on social media, so several hashtags and props provided allowed you to get that perfect post for Facebook or Instagram.

All in all, the Suzuki Go Unique event was a nice way to spend an hour or two of the day. I wished they had the whole line up on display not just the most popular selling vehicles. During the test drive you aren’t really able to push the car’s performance due to traffic and road conditions. Also, they only allow you to test drive one vehicle, which is dumb when considering there were still many time slots available. I guess there isn’t enough staff to ride along, which was required when doing the test drives on the streets.

After completing a short survey I received a gift – a travel sized luggage weight scale. Though other gifts were phone cradles and ball point pens.

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