Tesla pickup coming soon, but right after Model Y

Tesla has been hyping up the idea of an all-electric pickup truck for quite a while. However, the question many have is when can we all expect to see it? Elon Musk, during a call for feedback on Twitter has indicated that the hyped up EV truck will come out ‘right after’ the Model Y crossover, which is between 2019 and 2020 time frame. Its hard to say when really, with all the delays the Model 3 had before being released, but at least we have an idea of when Tesla wants to roll out its all-electric pickup truck. Musk says he is dying to build it.

The Tesla pickup was teased during the unveiling of the electric Tesla Semi truck, along with a surprise unveiling of the next generation Tesla Roadster back in November. The rendering at the event showed the Tesla pickup with a big bed swallowing up a Ford F-150 SuperCrew. This has many people wondering if this all-electric truck is going to be really big and whether or not it will be a gamechanger?

Tesla has a long list of features that it may add to the pickup as well as in future models. However, given the delays and time frame, we wouldn’t expect the EV pickup to arrive until the middle of next decade. Tesla still hasn’t figured out the production woes plaguing the Model 3. Then you have the Tesla Semi which has been rolling in with orders, but has yet to be delivered to a single customer. We’ll see if the hype slowly turns into reality as Elon Musk certainly knows how to hype things up to get attention!