The Foundry Bakery – A Taiwanese style bakery in the STL

The Foundry Bakery in St. Louis opened over the Summer. It isn’t located on Olive St. or South Grand where much of the Asian/ethnic spots are located, but instead its located on Dorsett Rd in Maryland Heights with the storefront signage isn’t too well marked. Therefore, you’ll probably be making a U-turn or two just to find it for the first time. If getting off 270 and heading east on Dorsett Rd it would be on your right in the same plaza as American Staffing (Not clearly signed and easy to miss), if you pass the Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital, then you’ll have to turn around and turn left into the small plaza near Pinehurst Rd.

This hidden gem is much like a Taiwanese style bakery offering up several unique pastry items such as crispy orange buns, longan walnut breads, little pineapple cakes, taro buns etc. The Foundry Bakery owner Raymond Yeh and his wife Huong Pham bake the breads fresh every morning. It has always been Raymond’s dream to open up his own bakery and now its finally come true. Over the last decade he has baked and shared his bread/buns to the local Asian community and others. Those who enjoyed always would be asking him when could they order or buy some more for friends and family to eat.

The bakery store is very spacious with ample seating with a nice relaxed vibe.

So how are the breads? Well, I liked the longan walnut bread as its mouthwatering and reminds me of being in Taiwan eating these. Pineapple cakes are another Taiwanese delicacy. These are little cakes are soft and sweet, but unlike some brands sold at Asian grocery stores, Raymond makes and bakes these little cakes every morning using real pineapples and no artificial sweeteners, which you can taste as it melts in your mouth! The taro bun is savory and goes well with a cup of coffee or oolong tea, which is also offered at The Foundry. I liked the oolong tea personally. There are a wide range of drink options from hot to cold, from boba/bubble tea to matcha lattes there several drink options choose from and many of the drinks can be catered to your preference.

NOTE: Some breads may not be available as it may sell out quick.

I like that there is a Taiwanese style bakery in St. Louis now, and I highly recommend it checking out. The only gripe is location, but its truly a hidden gem in the STL once you find it.

There is now an option to order in advance for any particular bread or buns that you want. This is convenient when planning for an event or just wanting to have extras for the family.

Contact Information:

The Foundry Bakery
11424 Dorsett Rd, Maryland Heights, MO 63043
(314) 884-1116

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