Toyota Corolla X – Standing out from the appliance crowd

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On March 31st, Toyota Taiwan unveiled the newest addition to its Corolla lineup, the Corolla X. With the compact car market getting ever more competitive, there is motivation by Toyota to make their cars more appealing for younger generations. The Corolla Altis Z (a.k.a. Corolla S for Americans) is the current Corolla Altis sedan that has a somewhat emphasized sporty character, however, we all know Corollas and sports don’t go together well. After all, the Corolla Altis Z looked much like the regular Corolla sedan, but with lip kits and Z badging tacked on.

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Enter the Corolla X, which has a more aggressive front end, clear LED taillights, and lip kits that helps make it stand out from the crowd. The exterior appearance Corolla Altis sedan is dull in comparison. The front kind of reminds me of the USDM Toyota Camry sedan. Starting at $NT688,000 ($22,500 USD) and topping out at $NT799,000 ($26,700 USD), it is quite more expensive than a regular Corolla. However, with the X many features come standard, such as in dash navigation/entertainment center, VSC, and ABS + TRC. There is also a choice between 16 or 17 inch rims, which ever style and size you want to go with the ride. The interior stands out with the dashboard and center console getting an orange trim treatment, while the seats get some orange accents upholstered in the stitching.

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Engine and power wise, it is the same as regular Corolla with the same 1.8L inline four-cylinder Dual VVT-i engine that puts out 140hp/6400rpm with peak torque at 17.6kgm/4000rpm. The X uses Toyota’s Super CVT-i transmission, but it is pared with steering mounted paddle shifters that gives the sensation of having 7 gears at your finger tips. This will make it more interesting to drive, that is for sure!

You have to give Toyota credit for trying to make something better out of a dull car. Like I said earlier Corolla and sporty don’t bide well together, but at least its something to consider in a fierce market with competition always upping the ante when it comes to cars for the driver.


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